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One of the best kept secrets of interior decorators for making a bedroom look larger is mirror closet doors. mirror closet door in South Richmond Hill, NY. mirror closet door in South Richmond Hill, NY. They come in various styles and designs such as sliding and bifold as well as bypass. Stanley is the leading manufacturer of mirror closet doors. They make them for a wardrobe, bedroom or bathroom closet. For an unframed look you can buy them with a very narrow frame that is actually hidden when the doors are closed. Mirrored walls and doors create a sense of space and for this reason mirrored doors are being used in record numbers in small rooms.

The bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in a home. The use of mirror doors not only makes it look larger but also brightens it up. You will discover that installing them in your home will create a sense of space as well as reflect light which brightens up your home. You can use them to improve your homes appearance because they have a contemporary appeal to them. They are relatively inexpensive although prices will vary from one store to another.

Using mirror closet doors to modernize your home is simple. For a romantic feel use wood framed mirrored doors in the bedroom. If you purchase them unfinished, you can stain or paint them the color you want to match your other decor. You can also get a shiny chrome frame to brighten your room up even more. Both wood and chrome make beautiful additions to your room and bring a romantic feel to it. They are space saving doors too. They can be installed where there is very little room to open a door yet you still have all the room you need.

Since Stanley is the leading manufacturer of these doors, they are available at most local retailers. There are different brands of these contemporary doors and the brand will also have an affect on the prices as well as the dimensions. Your local retailers should be able to help you measure for these as well. Accurate dimensions should be taken to ensure the proper fit.

Newer homes are being built with a built in wardrobe. These are the perfect candidates for sliding mirror doors. If you choose bypass doors for your wardrobe, you can leave one side closed while still accessing the other. They make the doorway appear smaller yet make the room appear larger. What better way to improve on an already great idea?

No matter what style or design you choose you will definitely be happy with mirror closet doors. They are perfect for almost any bedroom or bathroom and are great at matching your room's decor. You should check with local retailers to determine what is readily available in your area and what is the most popular in your area as well.

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